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If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.- J. K. Rowling
The new releases are here! Choose from our first set of releases that BluOne Ink has curated just for you. You might just stumble upon the avid reader hidden inside you.



BluOne Education is home to the most innovative and celebrated list of books written by some of the greatest intellectual minds of our generation. You can now browse through some breath-taking and path-breaking literary works that BluOne has made available for you.

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Integral Education

The human heart longs for growth, for perfection, for evolution and it would be intolerable to live as a non-creative life form; one who has exhausted its evolutionary potential and has no possibility of growth. It is this sense that makes one feel that they are not all that they can be. This book is an outcome of various explorations that is radically new and creative and sketch a future that fills the heart with joy, enthusiasm and lifts the spirit towards greater heights.

Healthcare Management

The finest material on healthcare has been brought under the banner of BluOne Healthcare Management. This is an initiative to revolutionize the educational material in the healthcare sector by making it authentic and comprehensive while keeping it user-friendly for our audience. Some of the best doctors from across the globe have joined hands in making this dream come true.

MRA Made Simple: Seriously?

There is a common perception that Medicare Risk Adjustment (MRA) is all about the money. Is it? It always does come down to the money, but the managed-care MRA model is vastly different from the Fee for Service (FFS) model; the reasons that it is about the money are also different. The MRA model creates an interesting and significantly satisfying outcome for those who understand the system's whys and wherefores. This high-level look at MRA is written from "The School of Hard Knocks"; distilling over twenty years of experience in the managed-care arena, from the ground-realities of caring for Medicare patients while juggling all the compliance issues surrounding the funding for that care.


Coming Soon

We have a lot to offer in the coming future. Some great and exciting projects are in their final stages of completion. Click on the books listed here to know when you can expect them to hit the shelves. Also, keep checking the “Our New Releases” section to stay updated about the newest additions to our vibrant collection of books.

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